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(Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003) The personal data communicated to our company in any capacity, will be electronically stored in respect of the rights and safeguards provided for in current legislation on protection of personal data and used exclusively to respond to the requirements (information, price lists, promotions etc..), or provision of services and products offered by our company to its customers. Anyone who had sent to our company his personal information (name, email address etc..), could require at any time information on their safe custody, as well as updates, corrections, additions to the data itself, or its cancellation, at the following e-mail:

Cookie policy on this website

What are cookies?

Cookies are text information that is going to be installed on navigation device user whenever he visited the pages of a website.
Cookies are used for technical purposes of normal operation of a website, or to store information targeted to the user profile according to his interests by analyzing totally, or in part, his navigation experience.
Because cookies contribute, therefore, is to improve the efficiency of the display of web pages of a site, but also to ensure that advertising content are targeted to the user, they are divided into three types:

  • Technical cookie
  • Third-party cookie
  • Cookie profiling

Technical cookie

This type of cookies are necessary for the right operation of the site and are also classified as strictly necessary. Just think, for example, to login systems inside a portal, which reminds user about his persistence in his private area.
Because these cookies are primarily derived from the website or portal itself, they are defined first parts cookie and, because of their nature, their use does not require user consent in accordance with art. 122 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.
In this type of cookie are included those coockies that are used in statistics systems about number of access to website pages, called analitycs, but also those cookies are used in managing the transition between logged pages in http to https to ensure the security of user data.

  • user: recover user's settings (save the user's session and remember some settings such as accessibility settings).
    Duration: Persistent. (Technical)
  • lang: save the user's location and remember language settings (anonymous)).
    Duration: Session. (Technical)
  • system: customize the page content depending on the device used by the user, of his choices and settings (anonymous).
    Duration: Session. (Technical)
  • analytics (Google): Collecting data about web pages access, source, length of visit and place.
    Duration: Session. (Technical)

Cookies profiling

Unlike technical cookie, cookie profiling tracks the user's browsing behavior. Sometimes they are used in the registration forms to particular services within the sites or in electronic shopping carts. Their stay in the system user (browser) is variable.
Under Article. 23 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the use of such cookies requires the prior consent of the user through a message inside a banner clearly visible in each page of the site.
This banner will be offered until the user places the voluntary action that can be revoked whenever the user desired. Its inhibition will not affect the proper functioning of the site.

  • Ecomm: recover buying preferences of the user to visualize inside the showcase similar products to those purchased recently.
    Duration: Persistent. (Profiling)

The third-party cookies

Within a few sites you can find elements shared by other external portals, such as maps, videos, social plugin or banner ads. Because the shared information are taken from different sites, this type of cookie identify themselves as third-party and may collect information about various preferences of navigation around the site where the items have been shared.

  • Retarg: Send information about navigation preferences as purchase of products or simple consultation of content.
    Duration: Persistent. (Google)
  • Social share: sharing content posted on the social portal. The plug-in shared on pages may send information about the preferences of navigation around the site.
    Duration: Persistent. (Facebook)
  • Video share: sharing of video content placed on the portal. The plugin that incorporates the video that is from the third source may send information about the preferences of navigation around the site.
    Duration: Persistent. (YouTube)
  • Map share: sharing the interactive map. The plugin that incorporates the map generated by a third system could send information about user's navigation or access preferences around the site.
    Duration: Persistent. (Google)

Cookies management and browser options

Cookies are saved on your computer by websites you visit. The cookies contains informations about site preferences or login status. If you want enable o disable cookies on you browser you can follow this guides:
Firefox browser

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

If you use another browser you can refer to its specific cookie management documentation.